Back from tea

So, been a little while since I’ve posted. Okay – it’s been a freakishly long while. Last time I posted was over a year and a half ago, (wow!) before I departed for ten days in Ireland in order to reinforce my father’s sweet belief that our family actually has Irish ancestry . I’d love to say I’ve been there the entire time, settling down on a quaint coastal town, however I don’t really have any excusable reasons. Active kids. Busy job. Active spouse. Nothing too exciting. Which, when all is said and done with all that is going on in the world, ‘nothing too exciting’ is probably the best that one can hope for!
So I’ll pick up where I left off and try to say some more. I’ll try some color! Try to make some eyes roll! Perhaps start by posting this particular cartoon before winter ends, thus preventing Facebook exploding from posts stating “I’ve had enough winter!”