It’s so hot…

…that everyone in the office wears and extra layer of clothing. Yep, we are one of the many office buildings that crank up the a/c in proportion to how hot it is outside. And my building is no exception – it being over a hundred years old and add to the fact that my office is in the basement level, it gets cold. And today’s heat blast kicked our a/c into fighting mode! I think there was frost on my computer this morning. So it doesn’t surprise me that according the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang section- DC was 5 degrees warmer than Atlanta, Raleigh, New Orleans, Miami, and Houston. HOUSTON??! Man. What to do?
Drink water. Limit outdoor activity. And think cool – maybe a winter cartoon will help you out!


Dad, Dad, Daddio!

Like it’s inspiration honoring mothers, modern day Father’s Day was spawned in the United States. Started in 1910 by Sonara Smart Dodd, her motive was to honor her father, a Civil War vet with six children that he raised mostly by himself. And also like Mother’s Day, it’s continuing popularity was due to business interests believing they could follow the already successful sales of Mother’s Day items. Initially this idea was resisted by the public, but the power and persistence of the marketing industry soon prevailed. Welcome golf, home improvement, steak and tie 40% Off sales!
So Happy Father’s Day. To my own Dad, who inspired me to be the best dad that I can be. To single dads – who have switch hats often. To those who volunteer to dad – and do as if the child was their own.  And all of the fathers out there (as well those before us) –  who have fulfilled the role they helped make happen.

Home Sweet Home Maintenance

Decisions. Where should we live. How should or shouldn’t we live. How many should we have live with us along the way. All of the big questions that go into our relationships are some of the reasons for what make them so hard to maintain. Tis true that divorce rates are high, with estimates that 44% of marriages head for divorce – and stats go even further for those who try it again with someone else. So what makes those unions that survive work? Is it the ability to compromise? Financial stability? Sacrificing happiness for dependents? Or maybe a song by John Lennon has it right.