More. What most of us wants. More money. More space. More clothes. And definitely more toys! As many (fortunate?) parents may attest, however hard you try to minimize the toy quota in your home, more ones always get through. Overly generous relatives. Hand me downs. Guilt gifts. Birthday gifts. [Insert holiday here] gifts. And what seems to be a blessing of abundance is often a nightmare in clutter. The smart ones I know do a routine purge and that way never have more than a certain amount. The rest of us either just shove it into another storage space. Or even more ambitious- we attempt to purge, but in our typical style of mis-organization, we put into a storage bin but forget to put or take away – leaving it like a gift from the gods to wandering little hands with short attention spans. “OOOHHH!!! Look! Look! More toys!!” Maybe it crosses their minds that this was their Barbie from two years ago – but I don’t think they care. I just hope they don’t figure out the purge strategy.