Sweet Dreams

With apologies to those who suffer with insomnia, I have to say that I usually sleep pretty well. I mean, I could snooze through heavy metal concert. And to be honest, my kids sleep pretty well, too. I laugh how I used to tiptoe around when they were babies  – especially since I’m so clumsy that in my efforts to walk without noise I would inevitability knock over something that would produce the equivalent of loud, clanging pans on  a stone kitchen floor. I don’t need to do so now- they sleep fine through the night. However, being human and American, I gotta have at least one complaint. There are times when their sleep pattern is not consistent. For example, if you need them to wake up early, they stay up way too late. If you need them to sleep in (for you to catch up on your slumber), they’re up before your grandpa can say pass the bran muffin, dear. My only theory is that something or someone is disrupting their sleep. But what?


Hold On Tight

The racing amusement park ride of life continues! One minute you’re flirting with a co-worker and then BAM! eleven years later it’s princess television shows, IEP’s, coordinating gymnastics schedules, and if you’re lucky, date night. I’m glad it’s turning out to be a ride that keeps on going forward instead spinning around and round – because who wants to feel any more dizzy?