Reaching out to others

Perhaps the corporate HR talking heads are right (sometimes!) People do appreciate being noticed. It does feel good to get well wishes from others – whether it’s your birthday, job well done, or just a pick me up. So I’ll go now, before this becomes a sappy cartoon.


You say it’s your birthday?!

Because these are complicated times, I will strive for simplicity today. I have a few friends that have birthdays this week. One of them loves fishing, beer, and his one year old baby boy (hopefully not in that order.) Happy Birthday!


Pass or run?

Though today is a monumental day for many, the Superbowl doesn’t really rate high in a house where football isn’t popular. However, on a day like today, the curiosity does build from the young ones who are not normally exposed to the game – via  invites to activities centered around who’s going to take home the Lombardi trophy and wear the coveted championship ring.
The hardest part is explaining it to a 5 year old that processes many things quite literally.  I suppose parents of typically developing kids wouldn’t have similar confusion issues…