Paper or plastic-enclosed glass with micro-electronic circuitry?

As a graphic designer, I’m one of many on the front lines of society’s push for a “paperless” environment (alternative ways to spread their documents.) PDF, web, email –  all can achieve the same goal of sharing and distributing documents. Sounds the way to go, right? Not totally, according to Two Sides, a non-profit org that promotes responsible production, use and sustainability of paper. They recently announced a survey that almost 70% of Americans prefer to read print and paper communications, rather than off of an electronic screen. Their president, Phil Reibel, also states this:
Authoritative sources like the U.S. Forest Service, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and others report that the amount of forestland in the United States has remained nearly the same over the last century at about 750 million acres, and the major cause of global deforestation is not papermaking, but the conversion of tropical rainforests to agricultural land,” Riebel says.
Is he right? Time will tell!



Debate club

Although I didn’t get to see tonight’s episode of Debate Club, I’m not too bothered. Watching candidates try to one-up each other by seeing who can raise the applause meter the most is usually grandstanding, at best. And even though they all seem different, they’re not really. Despite their individual attacks on each other, the GOP debate contestants are all working toward a similar party-based goal – winning the next level of debates, the big one between two individuals from two parties. Two parties that have different ideals, but still in agreement (for the most part) on how our country is governed. It would be interesting if we had it set up like other nations do – with a true multiparty system. The debates could take on a new spin!

Pompous and circumstance

Although most of today’s protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act has been somewhat effective (stalling the bill), some of it seemed to me a show of sensationalist behavior. Most sites weren’t shut down, and the blackening out of a huge one (Wikipedia) didn’t cause catastrophic upheaval. In fact, instead of wondering if they stuck it to the man, many reported that their main concern was the inconvenience to the students and scholars everywhere – like they couldn’t survive a day without questionable information. This prompted some of the know-it-all’s to suggest “picking up an encyclopedia, ” never mind that the dust-collecting, outmoded seat boosters are a rare find now anyhow. Look out for a lot of D-minuses on tomorrow’s geography quiz!

Parental amnesia

Recently I found myself criticizing those who steer away from kids, thinking them selfish and cold. Then the unpleasant realization occurred to me- I used to be the same way. I’ve forgotten how uncomfortable it was to hold someone else’s baby and how much stress it provoked –  as well as the nervousness of taking care of my own child for the first time. They’re not selfish nor cold – just honest.

Birthdays of the great

Yes, today we honor the birthday of one of the greats of our time. However, I celebrate two of the greats of my time- happy birthday Chief and to you, too mom! Although the gag is steered more towards the artist, who is my brother, I did make sure that it has the “eye roll” quality that I miss from showing mom my work. Cheers!


Clean your room or I’ll take away your trust fund

In navigating through the parental duty of task management, a wish from my protegé made me wonder: how does the 1% handle chores? I’m assuming the stereotype that anyone with the cha-ching just hires people to do everything, while the rest of us attempt to make housework palatable by telling ourselves that it “builds character.” I guess that’s why societal classes remain consistent for so long- one makes the directors, the other makes the workers.

Time management

I’ve been liking stories where the characters jump into the past or go into the future. It does sound fun- unless you’re approaching the story with a little bit of logic. Then the story might be “I wish I had a time machine so I could end up again saying ‘I wish I had a time machine!’ ”