They’re already carpooling…

Fuel costs are being named as the top threat to affordable air travel. Don’t lose hope, though – innovative techniques are being developed to curb one of largest contributors to the rising costs: fuel. A few airlines are now experimenting with using bio-fuels – which, if successful, will be good not just for the consumer, but the environment as well.



More thanksgiving leftovers

I will always have things for which I am thankful. Things like having a wife who does many things much better than I could ever do- like answer a gazillion questions from an inquisitive little princess.


Now I get it

I’m very lucky. I’m able to get to work without driving, as I’m within walking distance of public transit.  So, I used to wonder in amazement why people would pick up total strangers on the corner just so they could  use them to qualify for the HOV lanes. However, on a recent escape to warmer climate road trip, it was really nice being able to breeze by regular traffic (thanks to princess passengers.) Now I  get it.


Holiday Road

Road trips are really only interesting for the driver. They are the only ones that actually get to do the important stuff, while everyone else is just biding their time until they get to [insert theme park or relative here.]   For kids, this is especially grueling – whether or not you have a cache of books and movies on hand. Time-old tradition of adventure does make it fun, you never know what you’ll see along the way!